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What is Strategic Foresight?


CUSP was started to meet the need, for a ethically aware advisory resource on strategic change facing the private, public, and civic sector in emerging markets. We think deeply about the future, as it emerges across; society and culture, politics, technology, the economy, and the environment. A broad perspective of emerging trends enables CUSP, to cross the boundaries of conventional consulting, to help diverse clients become future ready.

Below: A Series of Expert Interviews on the State of Dialogue in South Africa (Conducted while on internship with the Gordon Institute of Business Science, as part of the monitoring and evalaution of their Dialogue Program in the Centre for Leadership and Dialogue). 

Roelf Meyer (Fellow, Centre for Leadership and Dialogue, Gordon Institute of Business Science):

Governor Gill Marcus (South African Reserve Bank):

Lumkile Mondi (Chief Economist - IDC):

Prof. Nick Segal (former President of SA Chamber of Mines):

CUSP is a networked consultancy specializing in “Strategic Foresight” (future orientated insight) and the capacity to act strategically amid rapid change. Foresight is not only about knowing your industry, but the external and unexpected changes that will determine the success of your enterprise in the future. 

" Strategic Foresight is the ability to create and maintain a high-quality, coherent and functional forward view, to use the insights arising in useful organizational ways. E.g. To detect adverse conditions, guide policy, shape strategy, and explore new markets, or products. It represents a fusion of futures methods and services with those of strategic management "   (Leading Futurist, Richard Slaughter, 1999, p. 287).


To be a Leading Voice on Transformational Change


To provide Strategic Foresight to Thought-Leaders in the Public, Private, and Civic Sector, with interests in emerging markets, through a versatile Consulting, Research, and Training Service. To Create Integrated and Innovative Intervention Projects that demonstrate and foster Transformational Change. 


Integrity, Loyalty, Excellence, Innovation, and Hope

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