CUSP is a networked consultancy, drawing on the expertise and experience of various individuals to bring rounded capacity to every project. 

Owner: Marius Oosthuizen
Strategic Foresight Professional 

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Marius founded CUSP out of a desire to make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of South Africa and Africa. 

He believes in doing well by doing good, and uses deep analysis of complex environments, and chaotic systems, to lead change efforts for sustainable success. 

Marius enjoys; training, conceptualization, and structuring organizations for adaptability, and excels at designing synergistic projects that demonstrate sustainable models for human and social development. 

Marius has a Master of Arts in Strategic Foresight from the School of Business and Leadership at Regent University in the USA, and a Honors in Systematic Theology from the University of South Africa. His academic interests are; Transformational Leadership, Ethics, and Ecclesia (Community). He uses leadership theory, systems thinking, social change theory, forecasting, scenario and strategic planning, and change management, to help leders think, plan, and act strategically - with the future in mind. 

Dr. Runel Fouché

Industrial Psychologist, Career Guidance Coach

Owner: Elimika Industrial Psychologists (


Dr. Runel Fouché, is a Industrial Psychologist and Specialist in the field of Psychometric Assessment. 

She has a passion for human development, and enjoys hosting tailored Adventure Camps and/or Training Days that integrate the findings of individual participant's profiles, obtained through Psychometric Assessment, to achieve optimal engagement and personal growth.

Dr. Fouché brings a high level of professionalism, experience with proven methodologies, and a rigorous quantitative dimension to CUSP projects. 

Other experts engaged by CUSP include; strategy experts in convergent media, strategic leadership coaching, high-level project- and event management, and change management practitioners. 

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