Business Vitals

BusinessVitals is a series of products designed to support businesses in the early stages of development, and assist companies in need of renewal. Many euntrepreneurs are passionate about their product, but do not have important aspects of planning in place. This is where BusinessVitals comes in. We help business leaders lay a vital foundation for future success. CUSP offers a unique perspective on the future, and an integrated approach to social development, enabling us to bring sustainability to the day-to-day world of business. Products include; 

1. Business Plan Development: A solid business plan is the foundation stone of a well thought-out business model.

2. Marketing Plan & Web Presence: In the digital age, having a internet presence across various platforms is citical. We advise and deliver on using Websites, Facebook, Twitter, and others social media platforms to promote your business. 

3. Organizational Review: A business leader must know the strengths and weaknesses of his company. Organizational structures and processes, must match the core business for optimal efficiency and effectivensss. A SWOT analysis of the business helps to answer these questions. 

4. Strategic Research & Advice: Every business contends with a particular environment within which it competes. Our research and advisory services provide business leaders with; Strategic Forecasts, Issue & Policy Reports, and Training, to assist leaders in the strategic leadership of their business. 

4. Rainmaker - Sales Team Metrics: The basic drive of every sales team is business growth. Yet, sales managers depend on quality information to drive the performance of their team. In addition, understanding team dynamics and their personalities, is crucial to success sales collaboration. Rainmaker is a solution that provides sales managers with the metrics and team insights they need to lead effectively. It involves developing a tailored forcasting model, that suits the lifecycle of the product, and assessing team members to identify their personal styles and strengths.

Adding value to the bottom-line of your business, is what drives  BusinessVitals at CUSP Consulting. Contact us today for a free quotation. Email: or call Marius on +27 (84) 670 1723

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