CUSP combines products and services to provide unique solutions and meet client needs. We aim at three levels of engagement; Operational, Executive, and Strategic. Operational engagement aims to increase efficiency and the bottom line. Executive engagement aims to increase return on investment (ROI) by capitalizing on increased competitive advantage. Strategic engagement is aimed at exploring untapped, latent potential brought about by market changes. 

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Recommended Keynotes

Policy Dialogue: "The Future of South African Mining" (SAIIA, 2013)

Corporate Keynote: "Leading in SA Today: 21 Trends Shaping the Beloved Country"

Graduation Speech: "What is True Leadership", Boston College, 2012

Our services include; TrainingConsultingResearch & Advisory, Issue(s) & Policy Analysis, Project Design and Management, ad Strategic Forecasting applied on an operational, executive, and strategy level. 


Aim: Development of Leadership and Strategic Capacity for Future Fitness

  • Presentations: Keynote, client-specific, presentations on trends and change drivers affecting your industry/sector. 
  • Seminars: A three-day growth experiences to enhance performance, engagement, and foster team synergy. 
  • Workshops: A one-day interactions focused on organizational development topics and team-building. 


Aim: Organizational Development for Sustainable Future Success

  • Planning Support: Streamline your planning process, through the implementation of; long, medium, and short-term planning cycles. 
  • Strategic Planning: Develop an overarching strategic plan to guide your organization to competitive advantage. 
  • Scenario Development: Explore alternative scenarios that will test your organization’s ability to adapt to new challenges. 
  • Organizational Review: Discover the untapped potential within your organization. 
  • S.W.O.T Analysis: Analyze the strengths and weaknesses or your organization, and identify key opportunities and threats confronting decision-makers. 
  • Culture & Paradigm Assessment: Reflect on your organization’s culture and paradigm, and how to adjust to emerging trends. 
  • Structuring for Adaptation and Resilience: Shape your organization around your core competencies and unique value propositions.

Research & Advisory

Aim: Creation of Intelligence and Thought-Leadership for Strategic Foresight

  • Publications: Articles, circulars, and briefs on ground-breaking industry developments.
  • Scanning Reports: Ongoing feedback on key indicators in your marketplace. 
  • Expert Interviews: Regular interviews with industry leaders and experts. 

Issues & Policy Analysis (Using the International Futures Model (IFs), a policy analysis tool utilized by the European Commission, U.S. National Intelligince Council, and the United Nations.)

Aim: Design of Anticipatory and Issue(s) Management for Resiliance 

  • Issue(s) Monitoring: Tailored assessment and monitoring of global, regional, and local issues. 
  • Stakeholder Analysis: Advisory report on contextual stakeholder landscape.
  • Issue(s) Network Assessment: Conceptualization of issue(s) network for PR, executive, and strategic use. 
  • Policy Framework: Conceptualization of framework for policy formulation, or assessment. 
  • Policy Assessment: In-depth assessment of policy and policy implications. 
  • Policy Forecast: Strategic forecast of policy and policy implications against base-case scenarios. 
  • Anticipatory Management System: Design and implementation of an AMS system and capacity within your organization. 


Aim: Facilitate Integrated Innovation Projects that Demonstrate Sustainability 

  • Transformational Initiatives: Design and execute corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects that integrate an array of stakeholder interests within and outside the organization. 
  • Disruptive Learning Retreats: Experiential learning programs that diversify perspectives, and foster leadership amid ambiguity. 


Aim: Assistance in Future Exploration Strategic Adaptability 

  • Sales and Operations Forecasting: Design and implement S&OP forecasting systems. 
  • Sector Forecasting: Review and report the “business as usual” versus alternative industry forecasts. 
  • Vision-casting: Creative imagination of potential futures for an industry or sector. 
  • Strategic Forecast: Comprehensive investigation and reporting of the strategic future of a sector or industry, illuminating inherent and obscure opportunities and threats.
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