The CUSP Philosophy

A “cusp” is the moment where we choose between the high road and the low road, the point between two curves of change, the "fold line" (below), the moment in time between one era, and the next. We are at our most vulnerable, and simultaneously, show the most creative potential when we are on the cusp of the unknown. CUSP is all about harnessing the creative potential offered by a transformational moment.

CUSP Graph2

Simply stated, CUSP leads change.

At CUSP we believe that change is a fact of life. How we respond to change, is what separates short-term- from sustainable success.  CUSP helps individuals, businesses, communities, and government come to terms with change in a way that is constructive, and ensures future readiness. This is achieved through Strategic Foresight. 

Strategic Foresight is more than “strategic planning”. While strategic plans prepare for the future from the present, foresight begins with the future in mind, and discovers alternative creative paths to future success.

CUSP helps others by harnessing the power of three core principles:

  1. Adaptability, the ability to anticipate change and respond with thoughtful action.
  2. Resilience, reducing the time it takes to “bounce back” to healthy equilibrium.
  3. Longevity, the capacity to outlive disruptive change and remain vibrant.

The CUSP Philosophy is that the better we navigate change, the greater our chances of not only surviving, thriving in an environment where change is the only constant.

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Futuring is a Three Dimensional Process consiting of Exploration, Application, and Contextualization, through which Thought-Leadership and Business Intelligence is produced:

Strategy Consists of Four Stages, whereby Leaders use Strategic Foresight to move from an Idea, through Tacktics and Long-Term Strategy, to the fulfillment of their Vision.

we lead change