Futuring Concepts Map: 

Futuring Concept Map

Conceptual Elements of Strategic Froesight (Theory and Method): From Analysis to Synthesis

Types of Change: 

Types of Change

Systems Thinking - Kauffman's Rules:

Systems Thinking - Kauffmans Rules

Scan Hit Template: 

Scan Hit Template

Forecasting Framework: 

Framework Forecasting.Bishop

Forecasting Framework Template

Theory of Change - Bishop's 8

Theory of Socail Change

Futures Wheel Template: 

Futures Wheel Template

Scenario Review Template: 

Scenario Review Template

Scenarios for Competitive Advantage: 

Scenarios for Competitive Advantage

Images of the Future - Assessment:

Vision Sampling Template: 

Visionning Sentence Completion: 

Consulting Meeting 1:

Consulting Meeting

Organizational Life-cycle: 

Org. Life Cycle

Porter's 5 Forces that Shape Strategy:

Five Comp Forces - Porter

Organizational Culture: 

Org. Culture - Quinn and Spreitzer

Organizational Complexity:

Org. Design

Organizational Stability: 

Org. stability



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